Bronzed and tanned woman showing how to get tanner with Betakaroten Gold

“I always have a glow in my skin and tan faster”

Popular influencer Andrea Badendyck has cracked the code to feeling fresh regardless of the season. This comes in handy when she posts pictures to her nearly 130,000 followers on social media.

When we spoke with her, she had just returned from a photoshoot in Thailand, where a client took pictures for this year’s campaign.

“There’s a bit of traveling, but it’s just fun,” she says.

It’s been almost 10 years since the blogger, as she was at the time, was approached by Good For Me with an inquiry about trying Betakaroten Gold vegan vitamin, and she has used it every day since. Today, Betakaroten Gold is Norway’s best-selling beta-carotene.

When asked if she’s always as tanned as in the summer, she responds with a laugh.

“No, I’m paler in the winter, but I always have an even glow to my skin. Plus, I tan faster when I sunbathe.”
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Two tan women with beautiful tan skin at a beach restaurant

Healthy skin with a natural summer glow

Andrea further explains that the capsules also help against sun eczema, which she was previously greatly troubled by, especially on her chest.

“Now I hardly notice it,” she says.

The advantage of Betakaroten Gold is that it tans the skin from the inside, giving you a more even tan than you would get, for example, by applying a self-tanning lotion. You’ve probably experienced yourself how patchy and blotchy the results can be.

“Moreover, beta-carotene does not damage the skin in any way. Rather the opposite,” she says.

Beta-carotene is actually a powerful antioxidant that provides your body with vitamin A, which helps protect your cells from damage, while also tanning your skin.

“I used to go to tanning beds, but I stopped when I was old enough to think more about the consequences it could have for my skin,” she says.

The beta-carotene that Good For Me uses in Betakaroten Gold is sourced from one of nature’s best sources. We’re talking about green algae (Dunaliella salina). In addition, we’ve added coconut oil and copper, which help your body absorb more of the beta-carotene and contribute to normal skin pigmentation. The result is healthy skin with a natural glow and even tan. Therefore, it’s perhaps not so surprising that Betakaroten Gold is the best-selling beta-carotene in Norway.

Effect of bronzing capsules, portrayed by influencer at beach in bikini
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The glow lasts longer

Another advantage of Betakaroten Gold, according to Andrea, is that the even tan in the skin lasts longer.

“That’s why you must remember to also take the capsules after the summer holidays,” she says.

Andrea concludes by telling us that many people in her family and circle of friends have been convinced by the great effect Betakaroten Gold has on the skin’s glow all year round.

We asked if she has tried other beta-carotene products.

“No, I haven’t. I don’t really see the point if Betakaroten Gold gives me the smooth and perfect tan and a golden glow in my skin I’m looking for. I’ve been using it for almost 10 years, and I’m going to continue,” she says.

If you want a smooth and fresh tan like Andrea, you can order Betakaroten Gold here. You can also choose Betakaroten Black Edition if you want an even deeper tan. Additionally, we also have Betakaroten Gold Gummies with a really tasty flavour of mango and citrus.

Excellent effect and results of beta-carotene supplement, Betakaroten Gold

About Betakaroten Gold

Betakaroten Gold is 100% vegan and made from green algae. This vegan multivitamin contains six vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients. It is used by tens of thousands of Norwegians every day and is developed in Norway.

  • Coconut oil enhances the absorption of beta-carotene
  • Copper contributes to normal skin pigmentation
  • The result is a smooth and deep tan that lasts longer

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