Three things you may not have known about beta-carotene

Does beta-carotene make you yellow, and can the tan last longer?

Norwegians are usually straightforward about sitting in the sun, and the transition from winter-pale skin to a golden glow can be hard on the skin.

Yvonne Palavios is a self-proclaimed sun lover, and with 20 years of experience in skin care and skin care influencer, she has tested most things on the market. Today, she is a faithful user of Betakaroten Gold from Good For Me.

EXPERT: Yvonne Palacios is product manager for the skincare brand Environ, and has tested most of what is available on the market.

– First and foremost, I use Betacarotene Gold because I believe it is the best product on the market

Palacios, who works as product manager at Environ, also highlights the content of provitamin A, which is an important ingredient in skin care.

A product for all skin types

Madeleine Kraiem shares inspiring lifestyle photos through her own blog and Instagram account @maddekk. In almost all photos, she has sun-kissed skin, and Madeleine says that she has been using Betacarotene Gold daily for around five years.

– I myself notice a big difference in the skin. I would say that the product is suitable for all skin types, regardless of whether you are pale or dark, she says.

There are several claims about beta-carotene, and below, Yvonne and Madeleine share their experiences with Betakaroten Gold:

1: Can I turn yellow?

Beta-carotene is stored in the fatty tissue under your skin, and with the recommended dose, Madeleine has experienced that the skin has become more golden.

– I have never seen anyone I know turn yellow from it, but I experience a more even skin tone, she explains.

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2: Can I get better skin?

– If there is anything that destroys the skin, it is free radicals, which, among other things, come from the sun. Antioxidants are the ones that protect, and as beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A, which is widely used in skin care, this can have a positive effect on the skin, says Yvonne and continues:

– I myself use beta-carotene all year round. I feel the tan lasts longer, even through a long winter.

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EVEN COLOR: – I notice that the tan lasts longer and is even all year round. I also don’t get as light in the winter as I used to, explains Madeleine.

3: Can I get a deeper tan?

– I have always had problems with getting a tan on my legs, but after I started Betakaroten Gold, I got an even, deep and lasting tan all over my body, says Yvonne.

She is also satisfied that she does not need as much sun exposure as before to get a good tan.

– I notice that the tan lasts longer and is even all year round. I also don’t get as light in the winter as I used to, explains Madeleine.

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